After ‘us’

“I remember when ‘we’ were a thing”, she said. She said ‘we’ are a history now. “So what happened?”, he asked. “What happened to ‘us̵…

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After ‘us’

“I remember when ‘we’ were a thing”, she said.

She said ‘we’ are a history now.

“So what happened?”, he asked.

“What happened to ‘us’ was that we drowned”, she replied.

“I still remember the time when ‘we’ were floating, about to drown. You could never tell back then that it would end like this”, she said.

“So why didn’t you struggled to survive?, why you didn’t move your hands and leg, to stop ‘us’ from drowning?”, he asked.

“I did, but you weren’t there when ‘we’ were sinking, when ‘we’ drowned”, she continued.

“I struggled and struggled, i burned under the burden but you weren’t there to burn with me, burn for ‘us'”.

“So where are ‘we’ now?”, he asked.

“There are no ‘we’ anymore. I survived that wave and you drowned”, she took a breath.

“That’s why i am safe at the shore and you are still drowning in the depth of the ocean.”

by: Amna Iftikhar

Someone Perfect…

She is just a teenage girl sitting with three or four other people who are talking about something.. she don’t know what….. because guess what, she is not present in present .

The reality is not where she belongs.. at least ‘She’ thinks she deserve something much better.. so she escapes.. Escapes from the moment and where she goes?? Some place far more better than this cruel and sad reality… Some place where she can breath, where she can be just herself..

She was not always like this.. it was just an accident…

Once she got inside her imagination and ‘someone’ never let her leave.

She was not stuck there but she choose to stay there.

 She met ‘someone’…inside her head.

Someone amazing, who loved her ‘forever’ and not a single time that ‘someone’ would hurt her…. so she fell in love with that ‘someone’

And ‘That was’ perfect.

She started hating the reality because ‘someone’ was not there, because she got ‘hurt’ by people, because she felt pain.

She was found less in the moment and more in her head.

When will she realize that its not real and that ‘someone’ doesn’t exist. Guess what… she realized.. it was another accident, She hurt a person. It was terrible…

‘Hurting others is much more worse than getting hurt’

She didn’t went inside her head.. guess she was afraid to face ‘someone’

Maybe she was afraid she is gonna hurt ‘someone’ too

That lead her to think about ‘someone’…

See ‘someone’ would never hurt anyone,

‘someone’ will always be there when you need,

‘someone’ will always love..

You wanna know who that ‘someone’ is.???

That ‘someone’ is herself.

We create inside our head, people who we want to be or someone who we want others to be for us

So lets start being that “Someone” for others

And one day we will find our ‘someone’ too

and that would be “Perfect”.


Amna Iftikhar